Mary Hayward & Kyle – September 22nd – Birmingham, AL

December 4, 2012

The day Mary Hayward’s mother Ashley called me, I knew we were in for a wonderful wedding to photograph.  Ashley’s father was a journalist and she and her family have a great appreciation for photography.  The wedding ceremony was set to take place on a pasture just down the lane from the home Mary Hayward grew up in.  A New Orleans Style Jazz band played as the guests gathered for the ceremony.  Then,  a gospel choir lead the bridal party in for the ceremony.  After the ceremony the jazz band lead everyone to the bride’s families home for a wonderful reception. A huge special thank you to Mariee Ami,  A Wedding Planning Studio in Mountain Brook for planning this spectacular wedding!  And I must give honor to Margot Shaw, the publisher of Flower,  a magazine dedicated to flower enthusiasts.  Margot and her sweet husband, who performed the ceremony,  are life long neighbors of the bride and her family.

The bride’s cake is appropriately shaped like an apple.  Mary Hayward is currently living and working in New York.

Mary Hayward and Kyle left on a vintage fire truck as fireworks lined the drive way.  Her mother Ashley planned this as a surprise for the couple.



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