Sara & Jamie – February 16th – Watercolor, FL

April 10, 2013

Jamie and Sara were married at 11:00 in the morning at Watercolor Resort.  I thought this was an awesome idea! The guests enjoyed lunch and then were able to change clothes to head to the beach for a bonfire with s’mores at sunset.  There are definitely great reasons to have your wedding in February on the coast!

When I noticed Sara’s ring was vintage, I asked her if there was a story behind the ring, and there is.  The diamond was from her mother’s wedding ring. It fell out of the setting years ago. Her father bought her mother a new ring and years later Sara’s sister found the diamond in the back yard!  Sara’s father passed away last year, so when Jamie asked Sara’s mother for her hand in marriage, her mother immediately thought to give Jamie the diamond.  He had it set in a vintage setting.

Sara made these cute hand drawn short story books using stick figures that told her and Jamie’s story.

Her tea length dress and white gloves were perfect for this mid morning ceremony.

The brooch on her buoquet was a gift from her father, to her mother.  Her family shared pictures of her father and his favorite beach flip flops.