Taylor and Garrett – April 14th – Watercolor, FL

May 25, 2018

Taylor and Garrett met on a flight to Houston,  thanks to Taylor’s pup,  Mazy.  Even though Garrett slept during most of the flight,  he struck up a conversation by asking about Mazy,  who was seated on Taylor’s lap.  During the conversation they figured out that they knew some of the same people which gave Garrett a means to track Taylor down a couple of weeks later.  By their second date,   she knew he was the one!

I love how Taylor incorporated two pieces of family history into her wedding day.  The cross necklace she wore was worn by her maternal grandmother on her wedding day in 1957 in Havana, Cuba.   The necklace along with the mantilla,  Spanish for veil,  were two of the very few possessions smuggled out of Cuba through the Swiss embassy when her grandmother’s family fled Havana in the 1960s.

During the ceremony,  Taylor’s two great aunts draped the mantilla over her and Garrett’s shoulders as part of a Spanish Catholic unity ritual.  One of the aunts,  Zenaida,  actually draped this same mantilla across Taylor’s grandmother’s shoulders on her wedding day in 1957.  The other great aunt,  Gloria,  wore the mantilla on her own wedding day.  Taylor told me while her grandmother was unable to attend the ceremony due to health reasons,  she fully felt her presence there in her veil and necklace.

It is truly an honor to photograph weddings for our couples and their families!