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Hello! Thank you for stopping by our blog. We are Paul and Mecheal Johnson, destination wedding photographers. We’re nestled in Northwest Florida among some of the most beautiful coastal communities like Rosemary Beach, Alys Beach, Seaside, Watercolor and more and we enjoy traveling. We are beyond ecstatic to announce our freshly redesigned brand and blog site. Here you will see our most recent wedding and portrait photography. Check back regularly to meet more of our beautiful clients! If you would like to see years of previous blog posts, you can visit our old blog

Jennifer & Michael – July 2nd – Panama City, FL

Jennifer and Michael were married in the Catholic church over the 4th of July weekend which was very fitting since Michael is a Major in the Air Force.  Thank you,  Michael and Jennifer for your service to our country.

  • Sarah: The shot of the bridesmaid flying into the reception is great! I love the bride's dress, who made it?

The Brand New Paul Johnson Photography

Hello Dear Friends! Thank you so much for stopping by to celebrate our new Paul Johnson Photography brand with us. We are so overwhelmed today. Very infrequently do we publish personally on our blog, but today is different for me, so bare with me as I try to write. Many times in our lives we will experience situations where we are at a crossroad and must make life altering decisions. This happened to us last year when the unfortunate BP oil spill devastated so many people and marine life along the coasts, Northwest Florida has been our home for 20 years. We began to search our hearts on what the best long term plan should be for our family. We researched moving to another city and starting over but this meant leaving behind our family, friends and uprooting our beautiful daughters Laura and Kayley from the only life they have known.

There were many mountains and valleys over the next few months. But then, we had an amazing opportunity to come to the home of Lara Casey’s parents to photograph a rare family get together. It was then that a spark ignited. A friendship was made. Lara, words can not express how much you mean to me and Paul, we wish a prosperous life to you, Ari and baby Grace. Thank you. We began a year long journey of homework, late night discussions, some very intense, design, redesign and more redesign! We stayed strong and faithful and all things worked together for our good and here we are a year later! The oil didn’t touch our sugary sandy beach, we have a beautiful new brand thanks to you, Lara, and Flosites and are more in love with each other having gone through this last year! So please, grab a latte and sit a while browsing through the fruits of everyone’s labor. In case you are new to Paul Johnson Photography, you can see our previous brand at Paul Johnson Blog Thank you all again! Much Love!

  • Shelly Laneve: The new brand/site looks amazing!! Your photos are simply stunning as always! Congratulations on continued success and exciting things to come!!
  • Emily @ Southern Weddings: Oh, it looks WONDERFUL, y'all! SUCH a better reflection of your gorgeous, light, airy, romantic images. I love it!!
  • Lara: So blessed to know you both! So much love today and always! Congratulations on this phenomenal new beginning!
  • Brooke Schultz Photography: GORGEOUS! I'm simply drooling. So glad I came across your work today!
  • brandy burridge: Wow, the new design is go with your gorgeous photography :)!!
  • Nancy Ray: Absolutely stunning! So happy for you... what a fresh and vibrant feel your new brand has. And at the same time, it's so welcoming. Wonderful job!!
  • Dana Goodson: Beautiful new brand and site!
  • The Jens: AMAZING!! We love you guys!! XOXO
  • Mecheal: Thank you, Shelly! We wish you great success too!
  • Mecheal: Thank you, Emily! We appreciate all of the wonderful ladies at Southern Weddings!
  • Mecheal: Oh Dear Lara! We are grateful to have you in our lives!
  • Mecheal: How sweet! We are glad you stumbled across our site too!
  • Mecheal: Hi Brandy, thank you for your compliment.
  • Mecheal: Thank you, Nancy. Welcoming is exactly the feel we wanted!
  • Mecheal: Thanks, Dana!
  • Mecheal: Hey "Jens"! We are honored to see so many of your beautiful weddings here. You always do such a wonderful job planning for these fabulous brides!
  • Dennis Bullock: Looks great Paul!
  • admin: Thank you, Dennis!
  • todd pellowe: looks really really good. nice work PJ!
  • patsy: good heavens yall have the most BEAUTIFUL family! PRECIOUS girls. I have 2 sons ya knwo? God Bless you all. BEAUTIFUL work as always!
  • Denise Woods: Congratulations to you! Two words..absolutely gorgeous!
  • Erin Simson: The new branding looks amazing! I check back to your blog frequently and love seeing what you and Paul are up to. Perry and I went back to Carillon/Rosemary Beach for our 1 year anniversary and are so very thankful that the area was untouched by the oil. Keep up the amazing work and I can't wait to have you and Paul take our photos again someday!