Kristie & Cameron

Thank you for allowing us to relive our perfect day through the amazing shots you captured on our wedding day! We cannot truly put into words how grateful we are. Not only because of your wonderful work, but also because of how you handled our wedding day and yourselves. I knew we had found a great photographer a year ago when we booked you, but I really didn’t understand the magnitude of what a great photographer means. You provided us with so much more than we could fathom. We have the most perfect shots that totally encompass us and our favorite people because of you. Thank you doesn’t do our feelings justice but “thank you” for understanding us, capturing “those” moments, and allowing us to remember the best day of our lives so perfectly together! I would also love to mention that we aren’t the only people who feel so strongly about the work you do. Our family and friends have not stopped talking about the pictures and I have had multiple friends ask who my photographer was. If they only understood! I never knew I’d be having prayers of thanksgiving due to a photographer, but am I! Thank you for the blessing you have given us.

- Kristie and Cameron


Kendall & Preston

Hi Mecheal ~

We received the album and we are in awe! It is a treasure.  I didn’t think the photos could get any better but they look even more amazing in this beautiful album.  Thank you for all of your hard work and for capturing our wedding just the way we remember it.



Breanna & Charlie

“I hope you realize the impact you have on your clients. These few photos made us laugh, cry and thank god we have eachother and such great family and friends. In the limited selection of photos blogged you have more then exceeded our expectations. As a person in the high end customer service business our standards are hard to meet let alone exceed…. cudos to you both. Thank you for your time and energy, your talent is truly amazing”


Jen & Dan

“I wish I knew how to express how I really feel right now after looking at the images…but I’ll try… As we went through the photos, we really felt as though we were watching the story of our beautiful wedding unfold for the first time. The day went by so quickly for both of us that we had forgotten so many of the little details. I was teary eyed as we went through them because we too got to relive all of the emotion and beauty of the day. Your creativity and artistic flair really blew us away!! Sorry if that sounds a little corny but we REALLY mean that! Thank you so much for listening to us when we mentioned long ago that we didn’t want a lot of posed pictures. I think the result was amazing because you captured all of our personalities in a very natural, informal way. We loved being with everyone and hanging out with both of you…I think it definitely showed!!”


Alison & Sean

“The pictures are wonderful.  I don’t really know where to start, except that I feel like the wedding was replayed in pictures and that would seem to be the goal to me!  They were so detailed and captured some really great moments.  The vividness of the photos is just breathtaking.  Many great ones of Alison and Sean that I know she will be so happy to have.

I told Steve while looking at these:  It’s easy to fret over spending a lot of money when you are doing big life events….building a house, planning a wedding, etc.  But I said no matter what the cost of the photos ends up being, 10 years from now they will be worth more than anything to them.  They are just that good.”


Linda & Kevin

“The album arrived. Looks amazing. We are still trying to digest all
that is within. Absolutely amazing work from both of you! Art on top
of art. We will keep in contact for the next chance we have to work
together. And we would definitely like to be considered amongst your
biggest fans. If you ever need a reference… we offer our comments
and experiences freely!”


Quenton & Josh

“Unending thanks to you and Paul for such a beautiful job.  You both captured everything and more. The lighting is stunning in every shot (even the beach on an overcast day).  I don’t know you you two do it, but I couldn’t be happier”


Melissa & Brian

“We LOVE the pictures! They are amazing. We actually spent two hours on our honeymoon looking at them and re-living the wedding. You guys are truly incredible!  The pics have now spread through most of our friends and family and people can’t stop talking about them.  I am certain you don’t have trouble getting people to recommend you, but if you ever need a reference we would be more than happy to sing your praises!  Thanks a million!   We could not have asked for more!”

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Jessica & Logan

“Your outstanding professionalism made everyone so comfortable throughout the wedding day and we could not be happier with our pictures. Our family and friends have been amazed by them as well, saying that they’ve never seen such beautiful wedding pictures. Now we have the difficult task of choosing between the pictures, which is a terrific problem to have! You two were wonderful and we will without a doubt recommend you emphatically. Thank you so much!”


Julie & Andy

“What an amazing documentary of our day!! I really don’t have the words to express how I felt when I looked through each of those photos. You really captured the spirit and energy of our wedding, and even all of the little things that we were too overwhelmed to notice… I want to thank you and Paul for being so great; shooting while getting soaked in the downpour, making sure we got all the shots we wanted, and most of all, dealing with us and our crazy & lovely family and friends!”