This group knew how to have a great time!  We were thrilled to be a part of Kim and Chris’ wedding at Carillon Beach.  Carillon Weddings by  Victoria are always amazing.  Kim’s dress designer is Monique Lhuillier.

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  1. Your detail shots are always impeccable. Beautiful set!!

  2. Not bad, guys. Keep on practicing and you’ll get it figured out eventually. ;-)
    No seriously, these are fabulous! You two are clicking on all cylinders. I love your work and I love the clients you attract. You are consistently impressive every single time. Congratulations!

  3. so classy and elegant, love them!

  4. YES! YES! YES!

  5. breathtakingly beautiful as always

  6. haha… eeks! Hurry up and put a new blog so I’m not THE first giant you see! lol. I love these shots, y’all always do such an amazing job!

  7. What I love most about these images is their quietness. You make it look like you really took your time and slowed everything down – which I know is impossible. You must have been moving quickly to get these amazing shots, but you make it look pensive, quiet, gentle and momentous all at the same time. That’s the beauty of your work.

  8. that had to be a Monique Lhuhliere dress – awesome

  9. Great set of images, love your style

  10. Does anyone know the designer of her dress? It is not Monique Lhuhliere

  11. Love all the colors and positivity in these wedding photos. You did an impeccable job!

  12. That is a Monique Lhuillier dress…the Scarlet gown.

  13. any chance of finding out where Kim got that gown from?? I love it!!

  14. Can you please post the designer of this wedding dress? It is amazing!

  15. I want this dress! Its amazing and what im looking for… o yeah and the photos are great too!

  16. Do you know who made the dress? Its absolutly stunning! Its a shame your not in Australia, I would love you to take my wedding pictures! Amazing work!

  17. Who makes this dress?

  18. Wonderful pics! Would LOVE to know the make of her dress!

  19. Anyone know the designer of her dress?

  20. I believe it’s the Scarlet dress by Monique Lhuillier! Gorgeous!

  21. I need to know the designer and name of her dress! it is exactly what I am looking for! Pleaseeee let me know!

  22. Hi everyone! I wanted to post a quick note to let all the brides who have written us asking “who designed this fabulous dress?!” Kim certainly did look stunning in this gown by Monique Lhuilleir.

  23. I need to know who made her wedding dress. Love your photography too! Thanks!

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