Hello, congratulations on your engagement!  We are Paul and Mecheal, a husband and wife team rooted in Rosemary Beach, a quaint coastal community along scenic 30A, in Northwest Florida. We love our coastal community and also love to travel.  We have photographed countless beautiful weddings in amazing locations that never cease to inspire.  We are the sole photographers for our business and have nurtured it for over 17 exciting years.

We’ve been married 26 years!  Paul is known for mastering his hobbies which include recording, mixing and mastering music in his studio,  roasting espresso beans for our La Marzocco espresso machine, he loves cars and once raced one, experimenting in the kitchen, and the list is ever changing!  I, Mecheal, love decorating our home, creating outdoor living spaces, exploring on my bike, and being at home with Paul watching a good series together.  Paul loves the last one too!

Paul has the photography history and grew up photographing on film.  He was always the kid with the camera!  Fun fact, he photographed his first wedding at the age of 12 when the “church lady” paired him up with a couple who had no money and needed to “get married fast”.  He never even saw the developed film from that wedding!  Early in our marriage,  Paul would develop his own film in a dark room.  We photographed our first wedding 22 years ago for a friend, and a few years later we were all in!  This was around the time digital camera bodies for professionals were introduced.

We bought our first digital camera body after a bet, who could get to their goal weight and body fat percentage first.  The prize money came from the sell of a motorcycle Paul restored.  Another hobby.  He won the bet!  It’s a good thing he did.

Paul has a computer engineer background, his “real job”,  back when photography was a hobby.  He started this job when he was young, also around 12.  He grew up near New Orleans, where his father owned a computer software company and Paul had access to computers in his home before home computers existed.  Because of his knowledge of computers and all things technical, he was very intrigued when digital camera bodies for professionals were introduced.

Once we owned two digital camera bodies, a few lenses, and had a little experience, we launched Paul Johnson Photography.  I went along side Paul to all of the weddings in the first 6 months, assisting him.   Soon after, I began photographing the day along side him.  The results added nicely to what Paul was capturing.

We feel truly blessed to work together.  Owning our own business has many benefits that we appreciated greatly!  We have built relationships with the various vendors along our coast and these are some of our closest friends.  The time we get to spend with our clients and their families is so exciting!  We love seeing our couple’s lives grow over the years.  Many times, years after we photograph the wedding day,  our clients will book sessions to include their babies!

On a wedding day,  our approach is to photograph what we see naturally unfold.  We enjoy watching, anticipating and being ready for moment-capturing opportunities.  We want you to enjoy your friends and family, trusting us to do what we do best, create beautiful photographs that will help you remember the true celebration of your wedding day.

While we do take time to photograph family pictures, bridal party, couple and bridal portraits, most of our photographs are natural organic moments, captured in a very unobtrusive way.  We let the day seamlessly unfold so you can enjoy every second just as it should be – joyful, free and perfectly you.

We would be honored to photograph your wedding day.  We look forward to getting to know you,  your fiance and families!